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יום שני, 23 במאי 2011

The Star Of David in Jewish Jewelry

The Star of David , (or at Hebrew: Magen David ), Jewish Jewelry Amulet is the most popular and important Judaic amulet.

In the sphere of the Kabbalah, the two star of David triangles present the Good against Evil.
The triangle pointing up symbolizes our fine deeds, which move out up to heaven and activate a spring of goodness back down to the humankind, symbolized by the triangle pointing down. The Star of David Judaic sumbol is every now and then accepted in the same way as the Creator's Star, in the sphere of which both of the six points represents a time of the week and the heart corresponds to the Sabbath.
Its contour is with the aim of of a hexagram, the compound of two equilateral triangles.
You may find Star of David Jewish and Judaica jewelry made of silver , gold and combination of them .
The "Shield of David" is used in the Jewish prayer book, in the same way as a title of the G-d of Israel.
The "Star of David" is accepted in the sphere of Hebrew in the same way as Magen David, which factually income the "shield of David," apparently from the general notion with the aim of the Beloved sovereign of Israel wore this symbol on his shields, although near is rebuff evidence with the aim of this is firm.
The symbol was used in the sphere of Israel in the sphere of Roman era, but it seems to be inflicted with turn into particularly associated with Judaism just in the sphere of in a while centuries.
In the sphere of the 17th century, it became a general practice to position the Star of David in front of each synagogue.

At present the Star of David is a universally highly praised symbol of Jews. It appears on the flag of the state of Israel and it can be found on Jewish jewelry items including rings , bands , spinners , pendants , necklaces and bracelets.
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The 72 Names Of God Jewish Jewelry

The 72 Names Of God Jewish Jewelry

A few month ago I saw a women wearing a pendant engraved with a word in Hebrew Alef-Lamed-dalet. I asked her what it is and she told me that this is one of god's name according to kabbalah. she believed that wearing the Jewish pendant with the one of god name will give her strength and will give her powers that she need for success in life. 

I was very interested in what the women said so I started to question  people around me and apparently many people  aware to the power behind those name and to the power in the kabbalah

According to Kabbalah, an extreme powerful secret is encoded in the bible in Exodus, chapter 14. The story is being told in verses 19, 20 and 21.

How to find the secret names ?

The first verse is:
ויסע מלאך האלהים לפני מחנה ישראל וילך מאחריהם ויסע עמוד הענן מפניהם ויעמד מאחריהם

The second verse is:
ויבא בין מחנה מצרים ובין מחנה ישראל ויהי הענן והחשך ויאר את הלילה ולא קרב זה אל זה כל הלילה

The third verse is:
ויד משה את ידו על הים ויולך יהוה את הים ברוח קדים עזה כל הלילה וישם את הים לחרבה ויבקעו המים

Each verse contains 72 letters, and once written with no spacing between the letters, one can decipher the holy names Take the first letter of the first verse (ו) than take the first letter of the second verse (ה) and the first letter of the third have have the first name of GOD




each and every name had diffrent powers but they are all part of the technology of healing, positive changes and protection: This secret was hidden for many many years and was reveled by the great kabbalists Rav Yehuda Ashlag and Rav Yehuda Brandwein. thanks to them the secret is in the open to everyone. 


The 72 Names Of G-d Jewish Jewelry is available on rings , bands , spinners , pendants , necklaces and many more.